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  1. Memories

  2. Servers Shut Down

    Hey everyone, there was some billing issues with the servers last night, they have gone offline and were wiped. At this time, I have no intention to bring them back online as all the info is wiped, and would need to be re uploaded, and IP's would change. Thank you all for the help and support to keep the community running. We will be back at another time.

    Just another little update... I added surf_syria_ to the map list. Come to find out syrf_syria_again_ is the tier 6 version of surf_syria_. They are identical maps, however the ramps / landing zones were made more difficult! I found this out after struggling on the map for 45 minutes haha! I somehow managed to finish 6 of the 8 stages though

    I'm testing them out right now. If I can get them working, and they are the right tier, I'll see about adding them tonight! Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Our Killing Floor Server

    Whoa! This is a super old topic... KF2 - it's a maybe... whenever dedicated servers come out!
  6. New Discord Server - Just Like TS / Vent

    We shall see... we shall see!!!! I'm also using this in place of Skype now
  7. Hey Guys, I found a new way of voice chatting that is similar to TeamSpeak and Ventrilo - it's called Discord. You can voice chat through a web browser, phone, or program for the computer. It's extremely flexible and super convenient for people to connect to. I have set up a discord server that anyone and everyone can connect to. Please feel free to join and invite your friends using the link below: Let me know if you have any questions!
  8. Hey guys, just wanted to give an update on the admin applications that have been posted and not yet approved / denied. We are in the process of restructuring how and when admins are added. We have recently had an influx of applications and have been sifting through these. Keep an eye on this forum topic for more information within the next couple of weeks.
  9. Nyaa's Admin Application

    Hey there Nyaa, sorry for not posting sooner. We've been backlogged with applications and restructure. We will keep your application open and be posting the updated admin guidelines shortly!
  10. Black Friday / Shopping

    Nice! Are you 60hz now? It'll be such a big difference you'll never be able to go back! I got the BenQ 2720z's, a couple of them
  11. Black Friday / Shopping

    What is everyone trying to buy this year? Either for yourself or someone else.

    +1 Ken I'll be helping out after I get things up and running this weekend
  13. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  14. Auto-kick for AFKing

    I am going to implement an auto kicker tomorrow. I'll have to do some testing first / tweak the kick threshold.
  15. where's me admin

    Pm Sent!