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  1. VKill in 15 years

  2. Swine Flu

    Yeah...I don't know the stats, but I'm pretty sure the swine flu is just as "dangerous" to people as the normal flu is... Which means you won't die unless you are incredibly physiologically weak or have a weakened immune system.

    Damn. This kid is a spoiled little brat lol...I called my mom a bitch once... Then I got bitch slapped. Never called her a bitch again lol
  4. Swine Flu

    Lol so? It's just the flu. You'll live. It's not like you contracted the bubonic plague
  5. Post your pic!

    Alright...I grabbed some more pics for y'all to check out =P Oh, and this is how we throw down... Heh.
  6. Whatup? Just got moved into my apartment and back at college...time to get learned.

  7. Christian Servers

    This notification is too funny to not post: [sM] ADMIN: Banned player "[FFG-s] 閃電 Mentos" for 1440 minutes (reason: Mocking Christianity).
  8. Post your pic!

    Good genes lol. No one in my family is too ugly...cept me lol
  9. Post your pic!

    Me with the lead singer of Straight Line Stitch Playing a show at The Door in Deep Ellum (Dallas, TX) Just messing around lol JAGGERBOMBS Mom and I in Ireland Cousin and I Aaaaaand that's good for now.
  10. Post your pic!

    Haha I bet you do! Gimme a few minutes...just got out of bed so Im a little slow right meow
  11. Post your pic!

    I'm seeing a lot of new faces here...we need to get more people to post some pics!