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    I can't lie, I'm so excited. 
  2. I am admin on 5 separate accounts. This is just my latest account, soon I will take over all of the admin positions. Then.... THE WORLD (of cs:go). 
  3. +1 for the application. Always said he never wanted to be an admin but I think he needs to be one asap. Funny and all around good guy. 
  4. First Name: Cooper Nickname: Razor Age: 23 Location: Las Vegas Steam Community Page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Razorhard/ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:46719351 Do you have a mic:Yes About yourself: Love surfing is CS, have been playing pc games for 7 years. Former college student, currently unemployed.  How long have you played on the FFG servers: Almost a month.    Position applying for: In-Game Server Admin   Reason for applying: Recent influx of players on the server due to OG shutting down.    What can you bring to benefit the community: Being a former admin for clans/guilds in other games (Combat Arms, Minecraft, WoW etc.) I feel that I have what it takes to be an admin and preform well. I read/listen to almost everything that is being said while playing. Good judge of right and wrong, I can also help people with the limited amount of knowledge I have about surfing.  
  5. OG servers = help pls

    Additional admins are greatly appreciated. Just need people to silence the loud/rude ones. 
  6. Surfing for about a month

    Yep that was me, servers seem to doing very well. So nothing I would really change at the moment lol. 
  7. This was the first server I ever played on, I really enjoy the maps and community. Just wanted to say thanks for hosting an awesome server.