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  1. Jdzl Player app

    First Name: Jdizzle Nickname: Jdzl Age: 17 Location: Arctic Steam Community Page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/xJDZL/ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:65555569 Do you have a mic: no, im muted from joking around About yourself: i am a very strong independent black woman. How long have you played on the FFG servers: believe it or not i dont remember Position applying for: A normal unmuted ungaged human being Reason for applying:

    surf_iceworld oh ya maybe surf_iceworld too

    my body is ready
  4. Surf meme :P

    clean your fucking screen dirty bastard
  5. i never had a problem with you but you seem to be a dick to people, if it was a joke you wouldnt have draged it as far as you did. thats my opinion that doesnt matter
  6. this is also a list of the maps, its very organized just in case you want to find tier 1 maps ext. http://pastebin.com/zHzR5RkNi update it right when a map is zoned and added to the rotation
  7. Timer/Points problem

    getting a bad time and getting 30 points doesnt seem that op
  8. Nyive's Admin Application.

    there must be some dark reasons if you guys cant see how good this guy would be as a addition to ffg
  9. First Name: Jesse Nickname: Jdizzle Age: 16 Location: Michigain, Flint Steam Community Page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/xjdzl/ Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:65555569 Do you have a mic: Yes About yourself: I watch anime and read manga too, play alittle of dota and alot of surf. i started surfing 6 months ago and had a blast ever since. and last and very least i do online schooling. How long have you played on the FFG servers: 2 weeks   Position applying for: Server Admin   Reason for applying: so the server is more enjoyable to newcomers. mic spammers ext.   What can you bring to benefit the community: i love talking to people and helping with skips and how to beat stages
  10. Surfing for about a month

    i played og servers for 6months and i can say from being here for 2weeks this server is much more friendly and enjoyable, i could never enable voice on og but theres alot of chill people in this one
  11. What maps should we add?

    surf_christmas surf_olympics surf_porn surf_sundown surf_dynasty surf_canisius surf_happyhands surf_exocube surf_cyanide surf_krow10 surf_jenocide surf_odyssey those are tier2-3 most are fun tier3