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  1. aiMzeY -C-'s Admin App! :DD

    no one cares about us Nyive, but then again I'm a more inconspicuous admin
  2. Points Discussion

    I don't think so because you NEVER get a flat 50 points, you know? You always get like 56 or something. o.O
  3. Just making this thread so we can kind of keep things organized. Not sure if Cheese wants to move this to the Admin section or not.   To start it off I noticed a recent change in the point award system. I surfed utopia_v3 and had a previous rank of ~150ish, and beat my time achieving rank 103ish. I obtained 0 points from this; upon beating my time again and achieving a rank of 93ish I've received 50 points. From this I've determined that I will be receiving 50 points upon reaching certain thresholds such as sub-rank 100 time, sub-rank 50 time, sub-rank 10 time etc.  Additionally I beat surf_prelude for the first time today and received the usual first-timer award of 38 points.   There are a couple of things I'd like to point out regarding this (+ pro, - con, ? question)   + It has the right idea of stopping point farming.   + Gives a clearer and consistent indication of when you will be able to achieve your rewards   ? Certain maps only have x# of successful runs, how will you obtain more than say 50 points if only 5 people beat the map? (Perhaps this can be addressed with %'s. For example you're awarded points if you beat x% of the players who beat the map; of course curbed or treated differently if it is a world record run, to keep the first person to beat a map to stop farming the world record rewards)   - First time beating a map is still capped at 38 points, what happens if someone achieves a sub rank 10 during this. Doesn't he miss out on the sub-rank 100, sub-rank 50, sub-rank 10 point rewards? Prime example of this would probably be Logic.   ? Is there an estimated reset or some kind of way to soft-reset/recalculate players points? This needs to happen in some way to create an even playing field as older players will have had the advantage/discrepancies of the old point system. I'd imagine many players would be unhappy with a complete reset due to working long hours to achieve that perfect surf run for many many maps. My suggestion would be to scout out the ranks of every player's runs and recalculate their total points based off of the eventual point system. If you can somehow export the data into a csv/xls (excel file) I can do this really quick for you.   g2g for now, I may have more to add later but just wanted to start the thread for discussion.
  4. Grave said he wouldn't but he has

    Grave's steam id: STEAM_0:1:21279191
  5. Yea somewhere in the google cache you can find directions on how to download all the maps too
  6. Timer/Points problem

    Hmm, I know you tested it out but unsure if you ever finally implemented it. All I know is right now it's back to the way it used to be and people are farming points again.
  7. Here's a list of maps that I replicated online, courtesy of old OG servers. I took it from the Google Cache cause it doesn't exist anymore.    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15atcYnT3830etyvwB3RyOsr3QB8UB2ANTt23uvB15MQ/edit?usp=sharing       I've also linked the cache here: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:Bya8WLXyrlsJ:forums.opiumgaming.com/viewtopic.php%3Ft%3D730%26p%3D4174+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us
  8. New server idea,

    Yea, and if you somehow incorporate it into the forums, it can draw more traffic here as well!
  9. bchenN's Admin Application

    Thank you for the prompt reply! I look forward to hearing back.
  10. New server idea,

    Right now only !ptop works for those curious about the top 10.
  11. Surf_ninja_go_b5

    New map? It looks like the stop timer box wasn't added. No one is able to "complete" the map.
  12. What maps should we add?

    Nice! Had the chance to try these out yesterday shortly after they were out. They're great additions.   surf_pox is a relatively easy map for the many new surfers that we've been getting recently!
  13. I'm not sure about the other maps, but I noticed one thing the other day when I was surfing surf_doodles_njv. It was labelled as Tier 1 through !mapinfo or !map; but when you google it, it's usually labelled as tier 3. Are all the maps currently labelled as Tier 1 or is this an isolated incident. Regardless I'm sure it's an insignificant issue as you have more important things to worry about. It's just something I noticed recently that you might care to know about.
  14. First Name: Bryan Nickname: bchenN Age: 25 Location: LA County, California Steam Community Page: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197961327388 Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:530830 Do you have a mic: Yes   About yourself: I'm currently a manager in the eSports industry. I've also been playing Counter-Strike for over 10 years as you can see by my 6 digit steam ID. About 6 years ago I used to be Admin for a couple of servers and helped them moderate their forums as well.   How long have you played on the FFG servers: I've been playing on the FFG servers since the end of August. I don't surf on any other surf servers.   Position applying for: Admin   Reason for applying There are not enough Admins around to make sure the servers are playable in a friendly environment. Too much inappropriate spam with the microphone.   What can you bring to benefit the community: I've only been a casual surfer in CS 1.6 and since then only remembered the basics. I've spent a good amount of time since August playing on the FFG servers learning how to surf and now I'm ranked Dirty Secret as testament to how much time I've spent having learned everything since I've started. I'm not a good surfer; I've just spent that much time on FFG servers learning how to surf. Also having experience in the eSports industry, I believe that I can contribute to the healthy moderation of the FFG servers as well as forums. I manage players who play games competitively everyday and this would be no different. Many regulars are already familiar with me and I'm sure that no one has ever had any issues with me. Also I understand that I don't quite fit the requirement of having 2 weeks of activity on the web forums, but Snailpo advised me to apply first and then hang out for a bit on the forums afterward rather than wait to qualify.