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  1. Admins pls?

  2. Korprate Admin Application

    Likes Coheed, his voice speaks to my soul. +1
  3. New Discord Server - Just Like TS / Vent

    No ones gonna use Discord  TEAMSPEAK MASTER RACE
  4. Black Friday / Shopping

    Yeah 60hz, 5ms. Really bad. I ordered the Asus VG248QE 144hz 1ms monitor. 
  5. Black Friday / Shopping

    I ordered a new monitor today. 144hz. My eyeballs are ready. 
  6. New maps that are added to rotation

    fuck christmas, shit always stops my time for no reason on the last stage >:|
  7. Jdzl Player app

    gonna need u 2 donate me and ken all your skins. 
  8. Ban appeal

    Hey Jamie, I looked and the ban was only a temporary 30 minute ban. The time limit has been met and you should be able to rejoin the server anytime now. Please refrain from advertising or posting fake links in chat and we shouldn't have any more problems. Do !rules in chat on the server to see an in depth list of our server rules to avoid any further mishaps. 
  9. where's me admin

    OVER MY DEAD BODY~ jk fuck you W
  10. Unban Appeal

    it was a misclick by Bchenn earlier, I unbanned him right away on sourcebans Cheese, it's all good. 
  11. Removal of surf_porn_fix

    I don't think changing the maps name will be a fair fix, especially from a map makers standpoint. I wouldn't want someone take my map and change the name of it to better suit their servers needs without my consent, and even then, everyone that KNOWS this map knows it because of it's name. Catering to the crybabies is just dumb IMO, leave the map up and don't change the name. Let them complain and RTV it all they want, they won't get any better playing Kitsune 24/7. Harder tier maps being in the rotation and being voted for isn't a bad thing. Not to mention, people NAME their maps specifically with the intent of making people pick them and play them. I.E. surf_voteforthisone and other maps with numbers as the first character (so they show first in the vote). My only REAL advice on this matter if something does HAVE to change would be to remove all tier 3+ maps completely, making this server ONLY tier 1-2 and opening a server with 3+ for those of us who actually want to play maps like porn. 
  12. Removal of surf_porn_fix

    RIP it's actually a good map, scrublords need 2 get good. 
  13. Dot's Admin Application

    plays league of legends -1
  14. Tutter's Admin Application

    *thumbs up* just so he'll stop asking me to come ban people~ 
  15. Make it happen ASAP Cheese.

    who the fuck listens to nyive?