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  1. I need motivation should i apply for admin?


  2. If you see this guy - Don't mute him!!

    Dude bad ass intro  
  3. CS:GO Weapons

    I know right especially when your AWPing mid doors on Dust 2 and they rush mid You desperatly need skill to kick in there!
  4. CS:GO Weapons

    I started a post and didnt even answer my own question!On T side I use AK if i can and Tec 9 and armor on save rounds and on CT side i use m4a1-s as well and Five seven and armor on save rounds i dont pay much attention to pistols unless its first round or save rounds And I usually AWP on both sides i loooovvveee the AWP 
  5. Count to a Million

    Tres, Cero, Dos
  6. CS:GO Weapons

    So no one started a tag on CSGO so i was like why not I have a question, What is the main weapon you use in comp matches?
  7. Vote Kick

    Thanks a ton!
  8. Vote Kick

    Ok so I have noticed that sometimes theres not an admin on and theres not anyone to tell someone or its just simply not worth it to tell i was maybe thinking you could add votekick to be a command for everyone or maybe like a certain rank up idk but ... yeah I just think it would be more useful to the server and if theres issues then just remove it or something i was also thinking you can also do it once every 30 minutes so yeah hopefully you will look into this, Thank You
  9. 3 Word Story

    Eat fat babies

    Lol your awesome CheeseKake

    Probably a waste to say this but this Topic was made on my bday #Rekt
  12. FragFestGaming... whoo i think... maybe... sorta... I feel like i just wasted 5 minutes of my life but YOLO