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  1. Austins Mod Application

  2. Contest Ideas

    I'm not the best graphics designer i do the best i can when trying to make things.
  3. CS:GO Weapons

    CT- M4A1 Silenced, due to being sneaky around places, helps during clutches. T- AK-47, really good rifle has really good range, but downfall if you don't know the spray pattern know recommended using it (your choice) Lurking wise, i would choose something easy equipped. Rushing wise, something i can use to easily entry frag, or support the flank. Awping, is just plain out my favorite choice i'm sure not the best at it. :)~ it help out though if you team is pushing down middle (ex. Dust2) and your supporting watching middle. So, basically that's my setup CS:GO Competitive.
  4. Contest Ideas

    FFG Logo Designs, There are Artists out in the world, and to see who can use the best of there ability, plus contributing towards the group for a new designed logo. We could give out, Few Prizes to those who tried their hardest and effort earned abilities to the test.      
  5. Admin Application for PIe

    +1 Supported.