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  1. Nyaa's Admin Application

    I guess it won't happen :<
  2. First Name: TylerNickname: Nyaa (not N-Ya)Age: 16Location: U.S.Steam Community Page: Nyaa's ProfileSteam ID: STEAM_0:1:45835117Do you have a mic: Yes, I use occasionally.About yourself: I'm an internet nerd who likes to surf. That's pretty much it. It's kind of sad.How long have you played on the FFG servers: About 3 weeks, maybe a little longer.Position applying for: AdminReason for applying: I play a lot and it's really annoying when there are no admins online to mute people memeing and being dumb in the chat.What can you bring to benefit the community: I'm an alright surfer and like to help people, as well as I can help monitor server chat.