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  1. Everyone

    I've been dead all these months.
  2. Post Funny Pics

    Courtesy of Charlene.
  3. L4D "Crash Course"

    They don't need to add more campigns. That's the whole reason they only made it 2 maps. They wanted it for people who wanted a quick vs game that doesnt last an hour and a half.
  4. 3 Word Story

    to not edit
  5. You can kinda see in the back I went 42 and 1 in a 1 vs 5 and I won I don't know how to take screenshots in game so thats the only one I got.
  6. What S2 Is Working On 8/26 Edition

    Version 0.1.43 Patch Notes - Added Maliken's game files Version 0.1.42 Patch Notes General Fixed effects on torches Tweaks to the Caldavar map Hellbourne secret shop trees fixed Hellbourne mid tower area tweaked Hellbourne forest changed Legion forest added a tree to the right side Fix the blockers. This will stop heroes from blinking to the edge of the map and running around. Move the tree on the hill near the top rune to fix the ward spot here Fixed a typo in the Regeneration Rune Kongor out-of-zone leash time set to 6.5 seconds (from Fixes an issue causing Kongor to sometimes get stuck when trying to return to his spawn zone when the neutral-leash code gives him a return command and he didn't stay outside for the 8 seconds needed to get the unit walking buff Lots of targetscheme work, makes things like arachna's spiderling, slither's wards, etc immune to buffs (such as the attack damage increase from auras, life steal, etc) Added "Buff" and "DeBuff" effect type to a lot of things that don't use magic effect type Gadgets have magic immunity as well as immunity to several other things Forced movements break channeling Fixed spectator crash Striped down spectator interface to something a lot cleaner Fixed fog of war for spectators Added Quad Kill and Annihilation Added countdown start sound in the game lobby Added Rage Quit! Added hellbourne destroyed tower, legion destroyed tower, and base under attack sounds Added pause/unpause button on the menu screen 100% of the pausing team must vote yes to pause. Maximum 3 successful pauses per team per match. Pausing team can unpause at will, opposing team must wait 1 minute before they can unpause. Pause takes 5 seconds to both pause and unpause to prevent abuse Portal Key, Kraken's Charge, Mageblane's Flash, Wretched Hag's Flash of Darkness, Valkyrie's Leap, Zephyr's Leap, and Dark Lady's charge can no longer be used while immobilized Updated French string tables Fixed effect when someone tries to swap with you on the hero select screen Runes will no longer be killed by random splashing effects Fixed splash (Hammerstorm and Runed Axe) to not splash when attacking buildings Fixed Haste rune to properly give max move speed through snares Fix shared cooldowns on items transfered from the stash to a hero not updating (Homecoming stone, etc) Update the add friend button in the ingame F10 menu. Map pings are now played at the location of the event for the following occurences: Hero kills (by any hero, creeps or neutrals) Tower kills Building under attack The following actions can be done and not interrupt channeling Arachna's Webbed Shot toggle Electrician's Shield Changing Steam Boots Shrunken Head Assassin Shroud Kill experience is only rewarded to the killing team (Neutrals can once again steal kills) Illusions tweaked so spells will work properly on them again Language tab nudged slightly to the right Fixed team stats on end game screen New Hero Maliken, Hellbourne Strength Neutrals Minotaurs: Increased size slightly Minotaurs: Increased stomp radius to from 200 to 250 and lowered damage to from 100 to 25 Dragons: Removed magic immunity from the smaller dragons Hunters: Added Magic Immunity Blue Ogre: Added Icy Cold Armor Predasaurs: Removed Magic Immunity Skeleton King: Added King's Grip, immobilizes targets for 1.5s Items Wards of Sight now have a 6 minute shop cooldown and only a max of 2 stacks can exist in the shop at any one time Order of items in the shop tweaked slightly Fixed Flying Courier stats. Movespeed from 300 to 350 and vision from 350 to 400 Ability tooltips show the changes in green Stormspirit updated to let you cyclone yourself Symbol of Rage is now listed under Morph instead of Protective Savage Mace is now listed under Morph instead of Combative Geometer's Bane is now listed under Combative instead of Morph Bound Eye can now see wards and range increased to 1100 Barbed Armor now returns pure damage Brutalizer's stun duration changed from 1 to 1.4 Portal Key tweaked so DoTs will now trigger the blink cooldown Doombringer fixed to now give the damage to the hero that holds if you kill the previous owner Abyssal Skull aura fixed to not affect enemy units Lifesteal effect fixed so it doesn't play if you're ranged Frostfield Plate updated Changed to 744 AOE for the snare and 1000 for the aura while slowing down the pulse to ~300 unit speed Staff of the Master updated Recipe change to mirror dota. Now takes 2/3 of either Mighty Blade, Quickblade, or Neophyte's Book, a Glowstone, and a recipe which costs 1100. Total cost: 4300 Changed the tooltip of any ability that is boosted by Staff of the Master to clearly show it can be upgraded. The name of the Ability will now change to reflect the boost Nullfire Blade reworked Can now be upgraded once Nullfire Purge now instantly kills Summoned Units Charges lowered form 10 to 8 No longer enters targetting mode if out of charges Geometer's Bane reworked Changed recipe and removed manaburn This item can now be disassembled in your stash. Puzzlebox Fixed Fixed Mauler to properly burn 25,50,75 mana per level Fixed Wizard to properly deal damage to the target burned proportional the amount of mana burned Savage Mace tweaked Now grants True Strike to heroes, making none of their attacks miss Enhanced Marchers fixed Can no longer pass through fissure or mummies Added a "NEW" tag on items in the shops that are new this patch so they can be easily located Logger's Hatchet added to the Weapons Shop and Outpost. Increases hero damage against non hero units Snake Bracelet added to the Relics Shop. Grants 25% evasion Mana Battery added to the Relics Shop. Gains a charge when enemies cast a spell, can consume charges to restore health and mana Power Supply added to the Initiation Shop. Gains a charge when enemies cast a spell, can consume charges to restore health and mana Tablet of Command added to the Supportive Shop. Pushes target hero forward 500 units. Void Talisman added to the Relics Shop. Makes a hero immune to physical attacks and take bonus magic damage when used Iron Shield added to the Protective shop. Smaller upgrade to the Iron Buckler Barrier Idol added to the Supportive Shop. Places a shield on all allies within 500 units that absorbs 400 magic damage Accursed Flame Consumption is now boosted by Staff of the Master Andromeda Tooltip added to her aura New story description Model scaled down by ~10% Applied a Disjoint to Swap so projectiles will not follow a swapped target Added a few seconds of sight to Aurora Arachna Fixed Spider Sting to not drop target if the target becomes Invulnerable for a fraction of a second Changed her attack action time from 300ms to 400ms Harden Carapace now lasts 6 seconds at all levels Armadon New story description Behemoth Increased Shockwave's initial damage slightly Cleaned up running animation Chronos Fixed Chronofield not stopping Invulnerable units or Towers Chronofield is now boosted by Staff of the Master Time Freeze will now go through Magic Immunity Time Freeze now deals magic damage, not physical Demented Shaman Storm Cloud is now boosted by Staff of the Master Reworked Arcane Hide, it now also reduces damage from abilities (details below) Devourer Devour is now boosted by Staff of the Master Added a delay to the "You're MINE!" yell so players can cancel the animation before the sound goes off Lowered the projectile grab hit box by 10 Lowered the casting range on hook so the actual projectile extends past the 'click point' properly Cast range will say 900, but hook itself will travel 1000 units still Glacius Now fights for the Legion Changed the aura values to 0.5/1/1.5/2 Remade Tundra Blast Removed target requirement, added larger AOE, changed to static damage across the AOE, slow increased by 1 second, manacost changed Hammerstorm Remade Hammer Throw Range increased, damage increased, added AOE to the stun, and the stun will still stun enemies where it 'hits' even if the first target blinks away Removed aura Added new ability and animation that on use gives armor and movement speed to units near Hammerstorm Fixed attack animation timing Jeraziah So, apparently jeraziah was mispelled the whole time JerAziah with an A, not an e. fixed Keeper of the Forest Fixed the tree check on Camouflage to properly check the target, not the Keeper Kraken Whirlpool will no longer teleport gadgets (such as wards) Legionnaire Removed Range:500 from the Taunt tooltip. It did nothing and was confusing seeing as the range is 300. He can now properly spin while stunned, hexxed, or any other status effect Magebane Changed attack impact time from 0.6 seconds to 0.3 seconds Manacombustion now combusts 16/32/48/64 mana, from 13/25/34/51. Damage dealt per mana burned increased to 0.8 (from 0.75) Magmus Fixed an issue with Eruption Eruption is now boosted by Staff of the Master Fixed Volcanic Touch to assign the blowup damage to Magmus Lower the "in-air" state of magmus's ult to 450 ms from 500 ms so that the stun starts on the frame that the targets land Moon Queen Updated Moon Finale to have a static 160s cooldown Night Hound Corrected casting point on Cloud to be 400ms instead of 500ms Nymphora Reworked Grace of the Nymph. This ability now restores 75,150,225,300 mana to the target. Staff of the Master now grants her a new ability: Nymph's Call Ophelia Ophelia's Touch is now boosted by Staff of the Master Pebbles Fix to Chuck so units cannot blink or leap out of it while in midair Pestilence Changed Swarm to be able to be cast on Magic Immune targets Gore will now go through Magic Immunity Gore's bonus damage increased to 40/50/60/70, from 25 at all levels Updated the Gore tooltip to be more accurate Pollywog Priest Morph duration reduced from 1/2/3/4 to 1.25/2/2.75/3.5 seconds Modified Voodoo Wards The number of wards with level 4 ultimate is now 11 and the placement of the wards was fixed Fixed attack animation timing Reworked Electric Jolt to deal damage in a cone. This allows the damage spread to be less localized to the main target Voodoo Wards's attack is no longer blocked by deflection (such as helm of the black legion) Predator Venomous Leap can now be used on Magic Immune units (The predator will leap but neither the damage nor snare are applied) Lowered cast action time on Terror to 0 seconds Lowered cool down on Terror to 120 seconds from 150 Terror's reactive buff will no longer apply to gadgets (such as wards) Pyromancer Remade Fervor Now gives passive casting speed all the time and attack/movement speed after casting a spell for 5 seconds Ultimate with Staff of the Master damage reduced by 100 Scout Placing an Electric Eye will no longer break Vanish's stealth Each Electric Eye now has an ability to allow you to destroy it. This allows the scout to choose which Electric Eye is destroyed before placing a new one. Slither Fixed ultimate to not slide around with him Soulstealer Increased his turn rate from 320 to 400 Default hotkeys now changed to Q W E over D F G Succubus Changed Succubus' Hold to be able to target Magic Immune targets (targets still lose the mana, just take no damage) Magic Immune targets are no longer put to sleep if they attack a slept target Allies can now attack each other to break the sleep (and transfer it to themselves) Swiftblade Attack animation is now disabled during Swift Slashes This smooths out the animation, he still attacks between hits Items can now be used during Swift Slashes Swift Slashes is now boosted by Staff of the Master Counter-attack now works against ranged heroes Tempest Stun duration from Glacial Blasts changed from .6 to 1 second Reworked Elementals so that they will only split once, allowing a maximum of 6 elementals Thunderbringer Corrected casting point on abilities from 300ms to 400ms. Fixed attack animation timing and projectile speed Valkyrie Fixed Call of the Valkyrie to no longer hit invisible enemies Tweaked Javelin to stun for the correct amount at the correct distance (Fixing a typo) No longer can use items while Leaping War Beast Changed Metamorphosis to always give max move speed Zephyr Fixed Wind Control Should now properly slow enemies Fixed Melee Evasion Tooltip ================================================= New Arcande Hide: Applies Arcane Hide to target for 15 seconds with 5 charges. Each time target is damaged by a Hero, Tower, or Boss, 1 charge is removed. Damage over time effects are not reduced and do not remove charges. Arcane Hide is removed when no charges remain or after 400 damage has been absorbed. Arcane Hide Effects: Reduces incoming non-DOT damage from Heroes, Towers, or Bosses by 50%
  7. New "Clean Cut" Forum Theme

    This one is so much better.
  8. 3 Word Story

    heroes of newerth
  9. LOOK AT ME!

    whats new?
  10. bad. only 174 dmg at level 21? and 3 homecoming stones?
  11. 3 Word Story

    and then ate
  12. Heroes of Newerth

    Pretty bad ass video
  13. me wooooopppin ass! XD

    I think i have a screenshot of me going 100 and like 6 something. I'd have too look for it but im lazy XD
  14. ffg vs y2k hon msg me on xfire!

  15. Christian Servers

    Lol , me and a couple friends were playing tf2 in a christian server, and they told us something about our tags so we said fuck you guys and changed our name to,,, and other shit and needless to say but they were pissed