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  1. Rank 1 Disc Priest

    We will all b playing WoW wen the new expansion comes out. I got into pandaria late, and just didnt wanna get to 90 so i got to 89 but it was fun though.   I play D3, Starcraft, WoW, and Hearthstone   Defilerr - Bleeding Hollow Totemcrazy - Bleeding Hollow   Here is my armory link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/bleeding-hollow/Defilerr/simple
  2. Contest Ideas

    Good Idea Cryo, who doesnt enjoy skins or even giving away cases
  3. Movies that look Good coming out

    Here is another one it has Hugh Jackman in it, its called REAL STEEL
  4. EVE online

    ya thats the only down side u can only train 1 skill at a time
  5. HoN 2.0 Patch

    This Patch is gonna be really badass. All the info is in this link RIGHT HERE
  6. Count to a Million

  7. Count to a Million

  8. Count to a Million

  9. EVE online

    Ya i've played it before its pretty cool because its not like any other mmo, its just a time consuming MMO. Just becuz u gotta train and let it sit there for hours and what not. i really liked flying through warp gates that was pretty fun.
  10. My personal review of FFG

    It would be really fun getting everything back to what it once was
  11. SPORTS

  12. Diablo III

    ya i no its Frustrating lol
  13. Diablo III

    lol we're the only 2 whose voted LIKE A BOSS
  14. L4D and L4D2

    New DLC Same campaigns on Each game Really Fun. You can play No Mercy on L4D2 with L4D2 Weapons, really fun.