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  1. HoN 2.0 Patch

    I can't wait for the firstblood: CHERRY POPPER
  2. is wondering why Ventrilo is down???

  3. 3 Word Story

    liver and onions
  4. omg you were playing with basshunter?! lol jk. And he's right, cheese's scores are considerably higher. *cough* arachna * cough*
  5. Heroes of Newerth

    Well for gameplay yeah, but that's great for the purpose intended there...
  6. 3 Word Story

    and brain matter
  7. Any one play?

    Well, most of us play Heroes of Newerth now, which is just a remake of DotA basically.
  8. Wow really? Thanks VKill. And Cheesekake..... All I have to say is... Arachna. Arachna, Cheesekake, Arachna.
  9. 3 Word Story

    . Raiderteen dropkicked mitch
  10. Any one play?

    If I reinstall, yeah. But I usually only played DotA. A few others too, but just DotA lol
  11. New keys to be handed out soon

    Yeah, anyone here on the forums who need to know: Heroes of Newerth is a remake of DotA - Defense of the Ancient. A real time strategy where you control one hero as he/she/it levels up and gains skills and abilities, buying items along the way to help out. It's a major team game and is amazingly fun. About half of the FFG members play, so it's another good way to hang with them. The point of the game is to try to destroy the enemy teams' key building. For the Legion, you have to destroy the Sacrifical Pit, for the Hellbourne, you must destroy the World Tree. Every round is like a new game where you can play a new hero or the same, whichever you want. There are, so far, 3 different maps, two 3-lane maps, and one 2-lane. Join us and have some fun! If you guys need to know anything else about it just hit one of us up in vent or on the forums, or go to Thanks for the update gum.
  12. 3 Word Story

    his eyes and (screw you guys)
  13. 3 Word Story

    and bit himself (HEROES OF NEWERTH IS NOT GAY! hahaha, you just suck at it. or haven't played it.)
  14. New "Clean Cut" Forum Theme

    They're great cheese! Did you guys have to code the page yourself or did you have someone else do it for you?
  15. 3 Word Story

    while playing the