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  1. Movies

    if your in a movie, your acting!  No such thing as reality t.v.!
  2. Movies

    Yep, I didn't realize they were playing themselves.  Should be hilarious to see how to they act.
  3. Movies

    haha i just realized it was an old post... funny because the forum said it was unread since last visit.  must have been a quinkie dink.
  4. Movies

    i want to see a whole bunch this summer, iron man 3, superman, that huge robot and monster one, thor 2.
  5. Battlefield 4

    yeah some sort of zombie mod would be nice... )'>
  6. Battlefield 4

    keep checking tiger direct and newegg for deals.  They usually have them weekly.
  7. Battlefield 4

    you all better get it on pc! Rumors say  commander mode is making its way back too, I hope its true.
  8. Zmod server music

    Yep... we just need some monies
  9. Zmod server music

    Some dubstep is awesome, but some of it is to repetitive for me.
  10. Zmod server music

    Haha thats aweomse, but i think i would call it zombie dubsteb more then disco Karl lets get the server going! You don't need a vacation....
  11. Nagging at Cheesekake

    in my book, bitches dont get paid...
  12. Nagging at Cheesekake

    Nag times a million
  13. Zombie Mod

    I'm about to riot...
  14. A day of games?

    cheese said he'll have more time now, so hopefully he gets on so we can play some games.
  15. Planet Side 2

    Awesome new game I think we should try out. Its a MMO fps, and F2P. You guys should check it out, of stuff to do in it, the maps are insanely huge.