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  1. 3 Word Story

    girl who likes
  2. love ya bro lol

  3. Laws u think r dumb

    umm....whatever lol....
  4. Laws u think r dumb

    lmao these r great!
  5. Laws u think r dumb

    Post laws u think r really dumb or unnecessary. EXAMPLE: In Tennessee it is illegal to hunt whales lol
  6. CarbonMeta1/Khyl's Ranting Emporium

    i guess it could also become a movie lol
  7. LOOK AT ME!

  8. Please Ban...

    actually there are alot of people who come in with an apex tag, (could be just a few people)and they just brake the rules as much as they can and then leave
  9. My reputation

    haha ur rep looks like it got a little better cheese lmao
  10. me wooooopppin ass! XD

  11. 3 Word Story

    piece of sht
  12. In My Pants Game

    welcome to the jungle in my pants
  13. I FAIL!

    you do fail lmao
  14. What would be the coolest new FFG server?

    zombie horde would be fun haha but SK!
  15. lol epic fail

    FML lmao