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  1. Marineman's Birthday

    yay me!
  2. A day of games?

    well i don't work till friday so i'm down to game all thursday
  3. Battlefield 3

    for your info i'm running XP service pack 3 and i hate win 7... the processing requirements for just running th OS are...well fail.... makes you buy more ram just so you can run the damn desktop.... thanks but i like xp....
  4. sig request

    lol glad you like it...i think xD
  5. Post Funny Pics

    Edited for lolz purposes.
  6. Battlefield 3

    i have it but i can't play it right now because i don't have windows 7 right now.
  7. sig request

    best i could do for ya man... its really hard to find gumball stuff that looks good.
  8. What is everyone up to now?

    well i get in contact with twobles occasionally i'll ask him if he got the news or not so we'll see how that goes.
  9. Zombie Mod

    could we get an IP link when the server is up?
  10. Count to a Million

    The brave 300!
  11. Count to a Million

  12. Count to a Million

  13. Count to a Million

  14. Count to a Million

  15. Count to a Million